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Treating Everyday like Sunday 

When you  google search, retirement, you'll likely find a number of financially related topics. While having your post work finances is important, Sunday without Monday will be dedicated to enriching your post work life. You'll hear from others, just like you who bring a variety of experience and  experiences to share. Think of us as a friend you meet while at dinner who tells you the highlights of their recent vacation, how they got re-started getting in shape, what its really like to taste good wine, or how to manage the impacts of father time's ailments. This and many more topics designed to guide, support and challenge so that this chapter of you life is the most fulfilling yet!

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Meet Our Founder, Mike!

If you're like me, you've spent the majority of your life working! Depending on the stage of your life,  weekends felt too short or even crazy busy catching up chores and chasing kids around to sporting events with the occasional evening out with friends. It wasn't until Sunday and most likely Sunday night that decompression finally set in and the feeling of "Ah". Maybe you even poured another glass of wine, beer, etc just to amplify the experience. 

There was however 1 problem and it was Monday staring you in the face! It might be an early wake up call to beat traffic, prep for a meeting, a difficult boss or deadline, on and on and on....

Well, life is changing for me, after close to 40 years of work. Retirement or some sense of it is on the horizon. Sundays are truly a blessing and hey, I can do what I want as long as I choose, no matter what day it is.


This is a place for those already there or thinking about it to share their experiences in the transition and what they are now up to. We want you to feel like you're hearing from a new friend on what they are up to so that you're comfortable doing what you've always wanted to or even just dreamed about. 

We encourage our community to actively engage, share their experiences, ask question and most of all, live their post work life to it fullest!

- Mike D'Onofrio

Meet Our Team of Contributors

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