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Paul Infald

Fitness & Wellness


Paul was born and raised in New Jersey. He attended Ferrum College in Virginia before transferring to Virginia Tech studying business and accounting. His interest in fitness started when he was very young and has always been a part of his life. This extended to sports and other athletics such as track and field.

His career in fitness started in the early 80’s but was very limited in his home state of NJ so he decided to move to California to pursue his passion. He soon started what would be his career at Grecian Spa in Northern California. It was here that he recognized the opportunity that existed in the Fitness Industry which led to his opening of his own Fitness Center in 1984.

The focus was and remains one that is centered on changing and improving people’s lives through their health. The club and Paul’s career journey experienced its share of business challenges not the least of which was turning a profit. Today, Paul is the owner of a successful growing business of over 50 fitness centers that employs 1000’s and works with 10’s of thousands of customers.


Recently, Paul decided to step away from day to day operations but remains engaged in strategic decisions for the Club. This additional time is enabling Paul to further pursue his passion for fitness which includes cycling and training. He recently completed a 12 day ride down the Pacific Coast Highway from Oregon to San Diego! This is in addition to having more time with his wife Gina, 2 children and travel.

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Meet Paul

Paul spent his career in Health and Fitness and built a highly successful chain of health clubs. You'll get to know a little about Paul while also gaining some quick tips on your post work fitness journey.

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