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Kathleen Berriatua

Health | Nurse Practitioner

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Kathleen was born in Washington state but spent considerable time in Alaska and then Hawaii before settling into Northern California where she now resides with her husband Jim. Together they have 5 adult children and 7 grandchildren which they describe as “a crazy and yet amazing group of young individuals”. Kathleen attended graduate school at University of California San Francisco to become a Family Nurse Practitioner after working in Labor and Delivery for 10 years, then spent the next 15 years providing health care to women. With that said, she is often the “Go To” for her family and friends for anything health related and loves to focus on preventative care. She retired four years ago and now spends time helping with her grandchildren, working out, volunteering for a local hospice, and pursuing her non-work-related hobbies.

For Kathleen, this is the best time of her life. She finally gets to choose the paths that were unavailable in her younger years. Her personal goals now include spending more time with her family and friends and keeping physically and emotionally fit so she can continue to do the things she loves the most. Her passions are food, competitive tennis, good books, hiking and travel. She and her husband Jim currently divide their time between Northern California and Maui where she is “attempting” to learn stand up
paddle boarding

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Meet Kathleen

As our resident "Go To" for all things health, learn a little about Kathleen's career journey, family and her post work life adventures.

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