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As a community of avid learners, we're always collecting great information and resources to better ourselves and our lives. Check out our collection of recourses below.

The 4 phases of retirement

Listen to Dr. Riley Moynes break down the 4 phases of retirement. Loved the metaphors he used to describe everything. 

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U.S. Retirees Aren't Waiting Till Age 70 to Collect Social Security

There’s big money in waiting to collect Social Security, but most U.S. seniors leave that cash on the table.

The definitive guide to a fulfilling life

Check out Die With Zero. It provides an insightful, and in some ways contradictory perspective on retirement, financial planning and the meaning of work.


America's decline in Life Expectancy

SWM is about living life to its fullest, yet the data shows American life expectancy is getting shorter. Even more reason to make positive life changes and to get out do what you want to do now!

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