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Video Archive

Our full time and guest contributors will be sharing their experiences on a range of topics to enhance your next chapter  chapter experience. We encourage you to reach out to us directly via email or through our social channels with questions and comments.

Intro to Sunday without Monday

In this introductory video, Mike shares the background and vision for Sunday Without Monday. Learn more about Mike and how you can engage with the team and others like you!

Scott and Bonnie Kramer on Travel

Get to know Scott and Bonnie and in doing so, learn about the revelation they had when embarking on adventurous world travel. You'll hear about their approach and how you can put together the trip of your dreams!

Paul Infald on your post work Fitness Journey

Get to know Paul Infald, founder and owner of the successful Fitness 19 Health Clubs. Paul will share his starting tips for ensuring that your fitness stays aligned with the plans you have post work!

Kathleen Berriatua on maintaining your health 

Get to know Kathleen Berriatua, our resident "Go To" for all that ails us. The reality is that age and time, almost certainly result in some physical challenges that inhibit the goals and plans we have. Kathleen has assisted many in diagnosis and recommendations. 

Jeff Cranor on your journey with Wine

After Jeff's first run at "Retirement", he decided to start producing high quality, boutique, small batch wines.  Jeff's current operation is now Napa based, getting grapes from many iconic vineyards.  He'll share his tips to make your experience with wine even more fulfilling

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