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Dr. Scott Kramer + Bonnie Kramer

Womens Health


Scott has been a practicing physician specializing in Women’s Health for over 33 years. Bonnie is a pharmacist working as the Pharmacy Informatics Manager at the VA Medical Center in No California. At 45 Scott decided to stop practicing heartwarming but time-demanding obstetrics to focus on his passion for minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.  When the COVID pandemic hit and patient demand waned, Scott reduced his schedule to a two-day workweek. This year Bonnie also reduced her schedule and plans to fully retire in 2022.


The Kramer’s have always had travel adventure on their agenda. Over the past decade, they have explored India, China, Africa, Southeast Asia, Peru, and just recently Egypt. Scott plans most of these excursions. He has an incredible ability to put together trips with attention to detail and special activities to enjoy sightseeing. Their philosophy is "Life is most memorable when we experience it outside our comfort zone".


As a couple, Scott and Bonnie will share not only their love but also their secrets for a memorable trip and how to enjoy these journeys together and with friends.

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Meet Scott + Bonnie

Scott as a physician and Bonnie as a pharmacist have had super successful careers. They also become the "Travel Gurus" for friends and family. Learn about the 2 of them while also getting some hints on planning the perfect adventure.

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