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David Goad

Executive Coach


David is a Purdue University graduate who grew up in Indiana and migrated to California in 1987. He is a Silicon Valley veteran of 28 years, with successful marketing and sales roles in start-ups and large enterprise companies.  

At Cisco, he produced and hosted a talk show that went out to 18,000 sellers worldwide. During the 2-year run of the show, he learned that he could effectively coach senior executives to communicate with clarity and confidence on camera. This success prompted him to start a new career in 2016 as a speaker, coach and talk show host. David specializes in coaching presenters to be more confident and compelling on camera.

My life took a dramatic turn when his brother Jeff was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. He learned first-hand how purpose drives achievement when the going gets rough. Together with his brother, he has competed in marathons and triathlons to raise over $180,000 for cancer research. When keynoting, he loves to share this story of hope and inspiration.

Today David enjoys life with his wife Jayne near Lodi, California. They run Golden State German Shepherd Rescue, one of Jayne’s passions for the last 20 years. They enjoy fitness activities together, including tandem cycling, tandem kayaking and ballroom dancing.

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