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Meet Mike.

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

I've always thought of myself as fun, adventurous, young at heart and relatively fit. I have a few hobbies and like to stay active. Our family has remained close even as the kids have gotten older and have their own busy schedules.

With all that, work has always been a big part of what I do, who I am and what I think about. While I've looked forward to retiring and having time on my own, the downtime I now have and lack of “Commitments” associated with it have created a gap.

I've always loved Sunday. Weeks were full with work which often included getting home late on Friday from a flight. Weekends were chaotic although fun with multiple kids sporting events while Saturdays included adult get togethers followed by Sunday hangovers. It wasn't until Sunday that I truly settled in and enjoyed the weekend. I could be out at the BBq, wine in hand, grill going, football or baseball watching, conversation flowing and then it would happen; I'd start to think about Monday! Time to cut it off, drink water, hit the hay, prepare for meetings, check and send emails, plan the week; EEK!

Times have changed and I can finally enjoy the Sunday experience without regret or distraction. We can open a good bottle of wine, stay up late watching a movie or just do nothing, without worry about missing something. It’s very cool and what I've worked hard for, but candidly, it ain't always easy. I enjoy leisure but I'm not very good at it. I like managing my own time, but at times miss the chaos of the demands that come from work.

Now is the time to get as good at leisure and free time as I've been at working. I want to be an expert at all things adventure and leisure.

That is the goal of “Sunday without Monday”. Its a place where I’ll share what I'm up to and you’ll hear from others in a similar spot on their specific areas of expertise.

We hope that you also do the same!

The journey begins. You can expect that the site will grow and we'll grow together.

Peace and Cheers to your Sunday without Mondays!

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