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[S1E8] The Fourth Man In The Fire __FULL__

Rumplestiltskin is spinning in his village. Hordor and his knights ride up and conscript a girl named Morraine from his village into the army to serve as a soldier. Rumplestiltskin is frightened that his son Baelfire will be taken next, since he reaches fourteen which is the age of the draft for the Ogre Wars in a couple of days.

[S1E8] The Fourth Man in the Fire

Emma is at home trying to fix the toaster. (She needed to hit something so she hit the toaster.) She tells Mary Margaret that Regina fired her. Mr. Gold comes to the door, wanting to discuss something with her. She invites him in. He tells her that he heard what happened and that he feels it is an injustice. He tells her two people with a common goal can accomplish a lot, but two people with a common enemy can do much more. He asks her if she has checked out the town charter. Perhaps the mayor is not as strong as she thinks she is.

The knights tell him that Rumplestiltskin ran during the war of the Ogres. His cowardice is the reason that his wife left him. The knight tells him that it is treason to avoid service, and they will take Baelfire who will be old enough to serve. Rumplestiltskin asks what he has to do to save his son and the knight tells him to kiss his boot in front of his boy. He bends down and kisses the boot and the knight kicks him. The knights leave and an old man whom Rumplestiltskin had given money to earlier comes to help them. Rumplestiltskin tells the old man that he has nothing more to give him, but the old man tells him not to worry and that he would be his benefactor (much like Mr. Gold's offer to Emma).

The old man tells Rumplestiltskin that he has to find another way, but Rumplestiltskin does not think he has a choice, because he is the town coward. The old man tells him that there is always a choice, and if he could acquire power he could save Baelfire. The old man tells him that if he wants power, he can take it from the Duke, who has the "Dark One" enslaved with a dagger. The old man tells Rumplestiltskin that if he can steal the dagger, then he would control the "Dark One", and could save his son.

Emma goes to visit the Mayor, and she is mad that Regina had her juvenile records printed in the newspaper. Emma tells her that it is not good for Henry to see his adopted and natural mother fighting. Regina tells Emma that she can talk to Sidney about it all in the debate - much to Emma's surprise, as she didn't realize there would be a debate. They go to open the door and the door explodes with a huge fire behind it. Regina falls, hurting her ankle, and she tells Emma that she has to help her get up.

In the Enchanted Forest, Rumplestiltskin is working with Baelfire on something that will help him get to the castle to steal the dagger from the Duke. He tells Baelfire that if he can get the dagger, he can get the power, and then redeem himself. He can save not only his own son, but all the children of the land. Baelfire asks if it is true that he ran and that his mother left him. Rumplestiltskin tells him that his mother had died, as he said before. Baelfire then asks for their plan to get the dagger, and Rumplestiltskin tells him that part of the Duke's castle is made of wood and that wood burns.

In the Enchanted Forest, Rumplestiltskin comes back and asks Baelfire to go home and wait for him, but his son has a bad feeling. Rumplestiltskin looks at the dagger and repeats the words, summoning whatever is in the dagger. He turns around and the Dark One is there, and Rumplestiltskin tells him that he controls him. The Dark One, however, taunts Rumplestiltskin, implying that his son is not his. The Dark One asks Rumplestiltskin what would he have him do, and he says die. Rumplestiltskin then stabs The Dark One, who falls to the ground to be revealed as the old man. He tells Rumplestiltskin that magic always comes with a price and now it is Rumplestiltskin's to pay. As his skin starts to change color, Rumplestiltskin looks at the dagger and finds that his own name is now engraved on it.

In Storybrooke, the candidates are at the town hall and are about to debate. Sidney makes his opening statements and then Emma gets up to make hers. She tells them she has had a troubled past, and they have overlooked it, because she was a hero. She tells everyone that the fire was a setup, that Mr. Gold said he would support her, and he set the fire. She has no definitive proof of it, but she knows it is true. She tells them that she cannot win that way, and she apologizes. Mr. Gold gets up and leaves.

The knights come to get Baelfire and the newly changed Rumplestiltskin stabs one. The lead knight Hordor gets down on one knee thinking he is the old "Dark One", but then realizes it's not the same man and asks who he is. Hordor realizes it's Rumplestiltskin, who tells him that he is the new dark one. He asks Hordor to kiss his boot, and then he kills him and the remaining Knights. Baelfire asks what has happened to him. He tells his son that he is safe and asks if he feels safe. Baelfire tells him that he feels frightened, as he backs away. Rumplestiltskin tells him he protected what is his, and he is no longer afraid of anything.

Henry is putting up posters of Emma outside the town hall. He placed her face over a fireman's body to make her look heroic, but she has a different opinion of how she looks. Regina walks up, and Henry quickly rips the poster down and tries to hide it and the others. Regina notices and describes his effort as a waste of trees and a waste of time.

"Outlaw" is the eighth episode of the fourth season, and the 47th episode in the series overall. It was written by Benjamin Cavell and Keith Schreier and directed by John Dahl. It first aired February 26, 2013

Raylan visits his father in the prison infirmary. "Just give me something," Raylan says. "Where's Drew Thompson?" But Arlo, who appears to be under heavy sedation, says nothing. As Raylan is about to leave, Arlo whispers "Kiss my ass." Later, another elderly member of Harlan's elite is about to have sex with a woman who isn't his wife when the doorbell rings. It's the assassin, still dressed as a cop, who opens fire. That's Boyd's second name.

Mr. Duff was admitted to the hospital by his family after he claimed to be psychic. He said he talks to dead people and his family thought he was dangerous. After he was admitted, he had two seizures, so he had to be cleared by surgery before he could be returned to psych. While they examined him, he had another seizure, but he claimed it was a vision. He said someone on the fourth floor would die. Immediately afterward, a code blue was called for the fourth floor.

Going back to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse reference from ages ago, I currently think the horsemen are Molly, Henry, Jackie and Ruth, with Kid being Death, who comes with the fourth horseman. They are the people who are actively making things happen in town, even though not everything they do is consciously chosen. I have no idea if the show will go back to the reference, or if it will mean anything.

The two men at the bar wait for their opportunity and bring their bag to the back where they are told no customers are allowed, but tasering the man, walking past piles of cash and after digging through several boxes rush out; but not before shots are fired and people shouting they are thieves. One manages to escape, while the other has to fight off the police and the cartel inside.

SWAT surrounds the house and breach the door, after searching the entire house. Hondo shows white fresh paint and dust on the wall, suddenly shots are fired through the wall, Deacon falls to the ground, he is alive and kicking but has taken two slugs to the vest; behind the wall is Diego and the remaining gold from the cartel.

A drone flies over the cemetery, directed by Street. Deacon has visual of Reya but they have no idea who is all inside of the chapel, they have heat signal inside and movement. They take Reya inside, and Deacon is ordered not to fire. Street tells them they are talking about the gold and must have believed her as 6 people are heading to the doors, 2 hostiles are with the two women heading for the bait car. Deacon shoots the hostiles when they raise their guns to kill the women. Luca searches the chapel and confirms that Manuel is gone, confusing them as there is no way he could have gotten past them.

Enterprise NX-01 travels at warp. In the busy mess hall, Trip Tucker has brought in drawings from his nephew's fourth grade class and is showing Doctor Phlox, who is amused. He gets T'Pol's attention and shows her as well. She does not share his amusement, even though she finds one of the drawings "surprisingly accurate." Soon, everyone notices the starship has dropped to impulse. Captain Archer announces for everyone to get to a window. Enterprise has discovered a large comet, and calls senior staff to the bridge.

King Zøg talks to the statue of Queen Dagmar, while Jerry, the dimwitted servant, watches through the oracle fire. Zøg goes to see Sorcerio, who is working on the elixir of life, but all he can produce is a truth serum, and shampoo that makes a horse laugh.

Buffy and Giles explain that there is no limit to the amount of damage a demon on the Internet can do. After they find Dave's body, Xander and Buffy go to Willow's house, and Buffy tells Giles to ask Ms. Calendar for help, hoping that between his knowledge of demons and her knowledge of computers, they can re-imprison Moloch. Willow is kidnapped by Fritz. At the library, Giles is surprised that Ms. Calendar understands and even names a few mischief demons, as she is a technopagan. Buffy and Xander, guessing that Moloch had Willow kidnapped, rush off to CRD. Buffy calls Giles, and they co-ordinate plans. Inside CRD, Moloch's robotic body is prepared, and he is happy to see Willow. Moloch kills Fritz as a demonstration of his power. Buffy and Xander break into CRD as Giles and Ms. Calendar start preparing the binding spell. The spell casts Moloch out of the Internet and traps him inside his robotic body. He crashes through a wall and backhands Xander, but Willow hits Moloch with a fire extinguisher. As Moloch tries to kill Buffy, he punches an electrical power line and dies. 041b061a72


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