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Dark Souls 3 Trainer Cheat Engine

now that we've installed cheat engine, its time to open up the dark souls 2 ce script file and start adding cheat codes! you should already have a premade cheat table file on your computer, and we can use it to get started. its best to use a cheat table from the game youre playing. if you dont have one, you can copy and paste this into a page, or another free site you know, then save it on your computer and import it into cheat engine. that way, you can use the same cheat table for any of your games!

dark souls 3 trainer cheat engine


once youve gotten your cheat table file, open up the dark souls ce script file. under misc, click view, then select show language in which you know the cheat table is written in (for example, in dark souls 2, its written in japanese).

now that we've got the cheat table file open, we need to hook it to the cheat engine program. for that, we need to turn on the hex box, then select the offset column, and make sure its set to 4 bytes. then click on the rightmost column (offset), and drag over the right most column of the hex. you should have one right next to it, and dragging one over it should merge them. once that is done, press the hex button and choose the hex checkbox. that way, the offsets (which are nothing but where the cheat codes are written in the hex file) can be read.

next, make sure the value of the cheat code in the hex column is set to 0xabcdef. note that a is going to be used to overwrite the one that is there, so the game will think youre not using a cheat code. then, press the cheat button. a window should pop up with your cheat codes. at this point, you should close the ce script file. we are now ready to use the cheat engine program to input our cheat codes. lets start with just one.


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