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Christopher Gonzalez
Christopher Gonzalez

Upgrade Your WM8650 Device with Universal Wm8650 Uberoid V13: A Hybrid of Honeycomb and Froyo

note that once the firmware is installed the tablet is no longer supported by uberoid. if you like to play with new roms then i recommend you try the gazelle roms from xda. at the time of writing this is the only way to get all the features of the tablet working with android 4.0 and up without trying to install uberoid yourself.

Universal Wm8650 Uberoid V13

download the latest wm 8850 firmware for 4.1 from xda and follow the instructions below, its also worth noting that unless you run a 64 bit pc you will be limited to installing the xperia tuner app which is also available from xda.

locate the folder wmc8x50fwv12 in your sd card using windows explorer, and copy the fwc file to this folder, rename the file fwc (remove the +) then try to flash the firmware if it wont open then rename the file back to.fwc (because you didnt copy the file in the first place).

instead of running windows, take it over to a blank sd card, just like when using an e-pad. i did that and installed v11 r/a on it, usb mouse (dunno what brand, but it works), chrome, tool bar, password manager and 1gb card. i had no problems.

as for the accuracy of the screen, i wish someone from stensden would comment. mine isn't really inaccurate. on windows, i could zoom in and see the pixels. when i went to use the pen, i could tell it was going to be hard to use. i got so much use out of it, but just be prepared to spend a little time getting it to work. next time i will probably get a better stylus.

overall, i would recommend uberoid to anyone interested in android. the o/s is fairly quick, with alot of applications available for free, several browsers and a few games available. the storage options are good, i went with the 1gb sd card. since this is android, you can find out more about the android market place, download games for free from google play, root your device and get apps from


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