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Contrast White Sheep, where a family member is an outcast for not engaging in the family's poor behavior. An Oddball in the Series is often called its "black sheep". The Remittance Man is a specific example who mostly appears in The Western; an unwanted scion of a prominent European (usually British) family, sent overseas to make his fortune or to avoid scandal, and paid a regular sum of money (the "remittance") to stay there.Examples open/close all folders

  • Folklore Loki from Norse Mythology (and any other characterisation you can think of) pulls huge amounts of mischief in contrast to his much more upstanding family and earns both his horrible fate and black sheep status.

  • Fairy tales are filled with the black sheep characters, who are outsiders within their family but whose misfit tendencies help them succeed later on.

  • There is an old wives tale saying that if the first lamb of the lambing season is born black, it is an omen that the farm will face hardship that year. However, an aversion can come with the views of black lambs by Sussex shepards, who view them as a sign of good things to come due to relative rarity of natural black wool.

  • Web Original In The Gamer's Alliance, the demon lord Omaroch and the merchant Jeremiah both end up being the black sheep of their respective families because they are more virtuous than their scheming family members.

  • Jonas from lonelygirl15 was rejected by his family. Tragically, his parents used to be Resistance just like him before they had their memories erased and were brainwashed by the Order. They now want nothing to do with him.

  • In Nodwick side story "Q4orce", Spawn of Santa has a style... rather different from his dad's.

  • We Are Our Avatars: Yanmie doesn't get along well with the rest of her family because she doesn't like to eat sentient beings.

  • In Pretending to Be People, Keith is the black sheep of the Beans family, to the extent that he changed his name to distance himself from them.

  • Real Life Invoked by the Black Sheep Brewery, founded by a member of a respected family in the brewing industry during its Audience-Alienating Era in the early 1990s.

  • By his own admission, Dennis Wilson was this during his childhood.

  • Remittance person were often the black sheep of an upper or middle-class family in Victorian Britain who were sent overseas to a colony and paid to stay away.

  • Quebec broadcast TV network Noovo, back when it was known as TQS, advertised itself as "the black sheep of TV" as self-acknowledgement of its perennial third-place status (behind Radio-Canada and TVA).

  • Birds, as living dinosaurs, are sauropsids, but their endothermy, feathers, and bipedalism set them apart from their otherwise cold-blooded, scaly, four-legged kin.

SUMMARIZE IN THREE SENTENCES. The black sheep tells of a remote place here on earth, wherethere was a town in which everyone, absolutely everyone,was a thief. Then came an honest man who altered everything. Hearrived in the town suddenly and, instead of going out to

But surprisingly, very seldom is either of these scenarios actually the case. Many, many black sheep are lovable folks with much to offer their families and the world. In fact, they are often the best and brightest. They may be the most creative of the family, or the one with the most powerful emotions.

sadly being given the black sheep of the family role is a very hard thing to endure. however positive side you will over time become a stronger,independent person.forgiveness is key for you to get past this,and move on not for is fortunate we now have resources for those that are suffering unlike in past where children had to suffer silently. 041b061a72


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