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Anthony Morris
Anthony Morris

Hot Twink Gay ((BETTER))

This kid was a grade-A twink, exuding innocence, but the glint in his gorgeous, pale, blue eyes spoke of some sort of knowledge. His body was thin, with a narrow waist and lovely shapely hips. I envisioned his chest as having hard, budding breast. Of course, they were pecks, but I can imagine them any way I desire.

hot twink gay

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The lad wore pink and purple, print pajama pants and top, nicely showing his tight, petite body, and topped off his outfit with salmon-colored running shoes. In our moment of nonverbal communication, he understood my wants. Dancing toward me, he pushed a blonde strand of hair from one eye, placing the tress back over his ear. In his eyes, a devilish twinkle told me, he wasn't cheap, but he was for sale.

He stood there, not acknowledging the money. Eyeballing me, and nothing more. I add another twenty, nothing, a third twenty, and a fourth. Once $100 staired at him, he snatched the bundle, hicking his leg up, he tucks the wad into his shoe. Kneeling, he unzipped my jeans, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my fly, and the young twink worked my slacks and shorts around my ankles.

As I tugged my pants up and fastened them, I knelt, opened wide. Without hesitation, the young twink took my head, the way I tried to take his, forcing me to take his gun deep in my throat. Hammering his staff into me, the young femboy fucked my face for an exquisite eternity.

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